Travelogue: Day 11 of 11

St. Paul's School on the River Thames

And now, seemingly as soon as we had left work and home, the time has come for us to return again.

Although I’m writing this in advance, I’m sure that the entire journey will have been amazing, and I’m grateful to you for following along. I’ll do my best to comment on these pages with actual stories and photos once I’ve had a bit of time to digest the experience.

Today we will be getting into London in the morning, spending the day with my college roommate (who teaches at the St. Paul’s School) and catching a late afternoon flight back to Boston, which will (thanks to the time difference) put us back at Logan just a few hours after we left—and just in time to go to bed.

Wishing you all pleasant dreams and a happy tomorrow!

What is for me a departure is for you an arrival...


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