Travelogue: Day 7 of 11

A collection of Scottish castles, etc. (Not pictured: our hotel)

Just when we had finally gotten acquainted with fair Ireland, it’s already time to say adieu!

The time has come for us to move on to Scotland in general and Edinburgh in particular. We’re still working on mastering our pronunciation of the city’s name (Edinburrrrrreh, not Edinburg!), but hopefully we’ll have it down by the time we arrive.

Speaking of arriving, we anticipated how difficult it would be to leave Ireland behind, so we gave ourselves a bit of an incentive to leave: when we get to Edinburgh, we’re staying in…

… a castle.

Okay, it’s not really a castle, strictly speaking, but it’s definitely a very nice manor! Check it out and come back for more tomorrow:

Mmmm... Don't you wish your hotel was hot like me?


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