Travelogue: Day 2 of 11

Aerial view of County Sligo, Ireland

Today I return to my roots—or, at the very least, 6.25% of them!

Believe it or not, I am a wee bit Irish, and I’m really looking forward to visiting the country that (if I did the math properly) contributed just one of my sixteen great-great-grandparents. No offense to any of the others, but I’m already fairly certain that this was the great-great-grandparent who had the most fun.

We fly out of London’s Gatwick Airport straight to London aboard a brief flight chartered by RyanAir (read: “We make you pay extra for oxygen”). Once we arrive at our lodgings (the Castle Hotel in City Centre), we’ll await the arrival of my uncle, who will be traveling from Glasgow to join us. It’s his birthday today, so we’ll celebrate in true Irish fashion at the dankest, dingiest, hole-in-the-wall pub we can find. No matter where we go, they’ll have what we’re looking for: fresh Guinness on draft!

(But really, what day isn't?)


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