Sunday is here once again, and with it another question for all of you.

Last week, I asked this: Do you like surprises? If so, what’s the best one you’ve ever received? If not, what’s the worst one you’ve had to endure?

My own answer is that I think surprises are much better to give than to receive. I can’t think of many times in my life when I’ve been really surprised (maybe people assume I’m not the type), but I love to blow others out of the water with surprise gifts, surprise announcements, and surprise visits (all positive, of course).

The reason I had surprises on my mind when I wrote was because I had just purchased tickets to fly home and surprise my family the following weekend and was already anticipating their reactions (which, I assure you, were quite worth the trip). Surprising someone with happiness they never expected is one of the most fun things I can think of to do.

Some of you, though, came up with what I think is a fantastic alternative: the surprise of finding out that someone you love also loves you. I agree that this is one of the best surprises anyone can receive. Thank you for this insight!

This week, my question is based on some work I’m doing in a course on negotiation and interpersonal skills, and so is a bit more introspective:

What are some of the feelings or emotions that are most difficult for you to share with others? What are some of the easiest?

Come on, now; don’t be shy!



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4 responses to “Feelings?

  1. Jing

    Most difficult: negative feelings/opinions about someone you care about

  2. Tranquila

    I dislike calling people out on things they are doing wrong. It’s usually because I am feeling like they are hurting themselves or other people in their actions, and I feel it is important to bring up however, no one likes to be told they are in the wrong.
    The easiest emotions are happy ones that are shared with others. Those are the best ones!

  3. Paul

    gratitude or accepting compliments on a performance or job well done. Never have really figured out how to feel about those.

    • Interesting, Paul — I have a problem accepting compliments, too. It makes me feel awkward and I’m afraid of looking too proud if I accept. Some have told me that a simple “thank you” is best, but it remains something I need to work on!

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