Welcome to another Sunday! In keeping with my new plan of asking questions once a weekend, I have another one for you today. But first, it’s only fair that a question asked is a question answered, so here’s my answer to last week’s question (In matters of the heart, do you believe in the old saying, “When you know, you know?”):

For me, the answer is complicated. As of quite recently, I completely and unequivocally believe that the answer is yes: when you know, you know. However, I should also admit that this is something I never believed until I knew. I envy those of you who have not known and yet have believed…

At least in my case, a better (though potentially more confusing) statement of the phrase would be, “You don’t know you can know until you know you do know.”

How’s that for mystifying?

In any case, we move on. This week’s question is:

Do you like surprises? If so, what’s the best one you’ve ever received? If not, what’s the worst one you’ve had to endure?

P.S. These are not rhetorical questions—please speak up! As with line dancing, it’s more fun if everyone does it.



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5 responses to “Surprise?

  1. April Alonte

    I love surprises….My sister Carmen was called up for active duty to Iraq when I was a senior in high school. One day I opened the door and there she was…standing there. She was home on leave and didn’t tell any of us. She was the best and biggest surprise I have ever had. 🙂

  2. Jing

    In retrospect, I love surprises, the good ones because they were.. well.. good, and the “bad” ones because I grew despite/because of them.

    The best one — and forgive the cheesiness — was falling in love with someone against whom I’d built up a self-defense wall. Here, the surprises were endless: the wall was unnecessary; I was capable of trusting him (or anyone, for that matter) with my heart; I never knew how genuine, how “me” I could be… and so much more =)

  3. Paul

    When Liz said yes when I asked her out.

  4. Hong

    I love reading your post James.
    And your questions, too. Will share answers with you when we have a chance to sit down and chat.

  5. EJG

    (First of all, I don’t think you can link ‘line dancing’ to ‘fun’ in the same sentence, can you, really?)

    Biggest surprise of my life was when my big brother, Jim, showed up at our wedding …all the way from Colombia, S.A. That was incredible!

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