Question Time

In the Australian parliament, the prime minister presents himself to the legislators on a regular basis for “Question Time,” during which (as the name suggests) they have the opportunity to ask him anything on their minds. I had a chance to see this process in action a few years ago on a visit to the country, and I thought that it was an incredible example of democracy at work.

(Whether or not he answered the questions satisfactorily, I’ll never know.)

Starting now, I’ve decided that Sundays on Adequate Notice will consist of Question Time. But I’ll be the one asking the questions. I’d love to hear what any or all of you think, so please comment!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, today’s question is this:

In matters of the heart, do you believe in the old saying, “When you know, you know?”

Ready, set… go!



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2 responses to “Question Time

  1. Jing

    Absolutely!! I mean, the most difficult part is “knowing”, but once you figure it out, once you get that moment of clarity about what you really want (some of us never do find out…), then there shouldn’t be any doubt! By definition, of course….

  2. Julia

    This is a cop-out post! Whatever happened to “I will never compromise length”?? ;P

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