Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear

You may have seen it printed on your side-view mirror while waiting in traffic.

There it is, sitting at the bottom edge of the mirror in small capital letters, telling you (among other things) that the car coming up on your left is more ‘up’ than ‘coming’ and that if you pull into the next lane without accurately judging its proximity, it won’t be because you weren’t warned. 

No doubt it’s a liability thing.

In the legal world, giving adequate notice is a familiar component of due process. Whether you want to haul someone into court, hustle the lawsuit from state to federal jurisdiction, or simply ask a few questions of a witness for the opposing side, giving adequate notice allows all parties and the hosting court to be on the same page regarding the suit’s development. Adequate notice means adequate warning, adequate reaction, adequate response. Giving adequate notice just seems fair, and leaves everybody happy.

But what about taking adequate notice? How often do we do that?

That’s actually what the message in your mirror is telling you to do: take adequate notice. Pay attention! The things that appear small in your mirror may actually be larger than you think. Significantly larger—large enough to make a difference when you make your next move.

If I can pull it off, that’s what anything you read here will tell you to do, too: give the little things their due! So often, we overlook what’s at our feet because we’re so focused on the horizon. So often, we blog (or tweet, or update our statuses) about me, myself, and I. We bless the world with our rants and tirades because, after all, we’re what’s on our minds. And if that’s what works for you, there’s nothing wrong with that. But that’s not what will happen here.

Here, I can promise a few things: no online score-settling, no political manifestos, and no crying on your collective cyber-shoulder. I’m a law student, and I have pretty long days. My guess is that no matter what you do, your days are pretty long, too. So when you’re here, it will be an escape—a reflective pause…

… a moment to give adequate notice to life’s little things.

My goal? To celebrate life with you once a day for a year.

The blog goes live on January 1.


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